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A Portmanteau of the words black and hipster, indicating a hipster that is ethnically black. This word was most likely made popular by Carles of the blog Hipster Runoff.
4/5ths of the band Tv On The Radioare blipsters.

Idi Amin, though black, was NOT a hipster... Therefore he cannot be considered a blipster.
by The Citizen Science February 26, 2009
-noun. Synonym of "Man".

pronounced similar to the synonymous terms: mang, mayn, maen, and mahn.

A rebuttal to the third-wave feminist slang term "Womyn". By simply removing the "Wo" from "Womyn" (as feminists did with the "a" in "woman") and making the remaining "Myn" synonyms with "Man", the concept behind the feminist slang is nullified. Proving, yet again, Myn>Womyn.
"Hey myn, how's it going?"

"Myn I schnokered!"

"Woa, myn!"
"Did you just say womyn?"
"No, myn, I said 'WOA, myn'."
by the Citizen Science June 07, 2009
Adjective: Characterized by or possessing qualities similar to the works of Dr.Seuss.

Synonyms: Strange, awkward, ridiculous, nonsensical, surreal, abstract, and unconventional.
"Did you hear George W Bush's speech last night? Man they guy has a Seussy way of speaking."

"Her outfit is so seussy! It doesn't match at all but it sure is fashionable."

"My essay turned out so seussy, I had no Idea what I was talking about."

"I went to a dance party last night and got dosed with LSD, what a seussy night."

"Matisyahu? A hasidic Jewish Reggae rapper? Sounds seussy to me."
by The Citizen Science April 01, 2009
1) An expression of dismay, frustration, anger, fear, and/or confusion.

2) A debate, argument, and/or discussion that degenerates into a shit-talking spectacle.

3) A shitting competition, see battle shits.

4)The act of chronic and aggressive bullshitting.
1) "Hey Tim, the cops are the door asking about you." "Shitzkrieg! They better have a warrant."

2) All too often political discussions turn into a shitzkrieg.

3) "I think the guy in the stall next to me was trying to have a shitzkrieg with me." "That's fucking sick, why are you telling me this?"

4) Connor never seems to know what he is talking about, but his unwavering efforts and asshattery make him a spectacular shitzkrieger.
by The Citizen Science April 21, 2009
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