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Chatham Hall is a super elite boarding school for girls in Virginia. Although students often complain that its "in the middle of nowhere" the girls have all they need on campus with their worldclass dorms, amazing riding program, a georgous art center, a huge gym, and great tennis courts as well as lacrosse/field hockey fields... The girls are all very affluent (with the exception of the few financial aid kids) and dont mind flaunting every now and then... Everyday they wear polos w/ the collars popped, of course, and classy pants/shorts... The girls are all intelligent, as they are taught by mainly proffesors who have a PHD or are rhodes schloars... The girls dont really mind going to an all girls school, as mixers are really popular and they all seem to be doing quite fine with every other school's guys. The girls are all super southern and love to sip on sweet tea while taking a walk around the beautifully manicured campus. Chatham is a "sister school" to Woodberry Forrest, and do several trips with them including a trip to Scotland every summer. Chatham girls are simply the best because they have impecable manners, taste, grades, and looks.

Girl #1- "Who is that? Her outfit is so adorable, I love the light green polo with those light green J.Crew pressed shorts"
Guy #1- "I dont know, but she is absolutly georgous!"
Guy #2- "I hear that she is really smart too and is going to an Ivy League... Apparently shes one of those Chatham Hall Girls......."
Guy #1- "Oh damn, she is way out of our league"
by the Carolina Girl July 14, 2006

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