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A person who is a constant buzzkill or a person who will go out of their way to kill a buzz and ruin a good time. May also be called "Buzz reaping."
Why are you being such a buzz reaper right now?" "I could not handle all the buzz reaping being done at the party so I had to leave.
by the 3 stoners March 25, 2011
Marijuana or hash,or high quality marijuana. Can also be shortened to BB supplies.
Come over, I just picked up some be black supplies." "I can't believe I lost my BB supplies.
by the 3 stoners March 25, 2011
To smoke marijuana or to be extremely high during the day. Can also be shortened to Be B.
After a hard day at work, I found it necessary to go outside and be black." or "As I tried to order my food at the restaurant, I realized I was Snoop Dogg black.
by the 3 stoners January 24, 2011

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