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The art of communicating with someone by using random hand motions that are generally irrelevant to what you are actually trying to say.
Using signology in math class is a great way to tell your friend three desks behind you that a guy was walking down the street in Mexico.
by the "Sh" in KaSh November 05, 2006
House Of Many Mexican Indians Energetically Singing
I had a meeting at H.O.M.M.I.E.S. which I was going to be late for.
by the "Sh" in KaSh November 17, 2006
Someone who is a complete moron and always has no idea what they are talking about. Another name for this type of individual would be a K Squirrel.
Katie babbled on and on about her "fake" boyfriend in Pennsylvannia. She is such a mudhead!
by the "Sh" in KaSh November 04, 2006

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