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When a man and woman, man and man or a woman and woman get on all fours. They have to be ass to ass, all the while making sure the assholes align. Then one sexual partner tries to shit a fudge log into the asshole of the other. The stool sample must be solid in order to avoid a derailment.
I heard that your mom tried to give your dad a"Manhattan Transfer" but there was a derailment and there were no survivors.
by The "R" February 16, 2010
Usually a brick or heavy stone that can be uses to break into any vehicle or to break down a respectable person's door.
"Wow, that fucking moon cricket used a nigger key to get into and then steal my car!"
by the "R" January 28, 2012
When a man lies on his back and awaits for his gay lover to enter him in the missionary position. The lover then takes the other man's balls and lifts them with his hand so that he may enter the fudge box. Once the erect meat whistle enters the log pipe, the balls then drape on both sides of the shaft, thus completing the "Mexican Saddle Bags."
Wow, I gave my boyfriend some "Mexican Saddle Bags" last night. We then watched the news and brushed our teeth before going to bed...oh yeah, I also came!
by the "R" February 19, 2010
When a dark stinky sambo gets diabetes and then doctors have to chop off his or her foot.
That fucking swamp guinea, has to get his foot chopped off because he has a bad case of watermelon foot.
by the "R" January 29, 2012
When a woman shits on a man's chest while a re-run of "Frasier" is playing on t.v.
So, I heard your wife gave you a "Seattle Sampler" last night. Was it the episode when Eddie pinched a cinnamon loaf on the piano keys and Frasier forgot and decided to play Chopin's Nocturne No. 5 while blind folded?
by the "R" February 19, 2010
When a man lies naked and face down on the floor while his life partner shoves a Dill Pickle up his ass. Then the move is finished off by the life partner breaking a wooden bar stool over his lover's head.
I hear that you gave your life partner "The Dill Pickle" and then you had to take him to the hospital for the lacerations on his head!
by The "R" February 16, 2010
When a woman lets her male lover shove a plunger handle in her asshole. The man then goes to the bathroom and fixes the leaky faucet the she has been complaining about for the last two weeks. Once the faucet is fixed, the man the relives himself (takes a shit) in her shoes that she is going to wear later to go have lunch with her friends.
I gave my wife a "Hanoi Plumber" yesterday and later on she brought me some leftovers from that restaurant we like some much.
by the "R" February 19, 2010

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