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1. Sci-fi movie/book about a retro-ish gang leader who after beating people up, raping, stealing, etc, is taken to prison where he later is chosen to participate in a "special treatment" program to "cure" him.

2. Also, a term used in the CWO book to describe a person who is perfectly moral, nonviolent, etc; but has no free will.
Clockwork Orange is the best movie ever.
by The Zebu January 25, 2004
Sorcery/Shamanism style of raising the dead, either for control or divination.
The german sorceror Faust is known for practicing Necromancy.
by The Zebu November 20, 2003
Japanese for "devil" or "fiend".
The man was branded as the Akuma after his horrendous deeds.
by The Zebu January 25, 2004
A demon frequent in occult mythology, and a cheif member in the Faust legend. Often seen in the form of a dog, horse, or raven familar.
Mephistopheles promised to serve as Faust's servant for 24 years.
by The Zebu November 20, 2003
Group of Flash animators led by "Banana Lock" that uses objects with keyholes as faces. The Lock Legion was created in defiance of the Clock Crew.
Many Clocks dislike the Lock Legion
by The Zebu September 09, 2003
The self-proclaimed King of the Portal. He leads a band of animators known as the Clock Crew.
Strawberry Clock is the king of the portal.
by The Zebu September 09, 2003
A nerd, in simple definition, is a person with poor social skills who is very intelligent and creative. Although the word "Nerd" has only been recently used, the species has been around for centuries.

They are persecuted because of their "social deficiency" and intelligence. However, true nerds do not care about this, since they have their own sense of what is cool.

They tend to be loners and egotistical people who embed themselves in things such as computer skills, art, music, books, plays etc to make up for their lack of status.

Although a nerd may have a few non-nerd associates, the nerd's only true friends will be other nerds; and additionally, nerds have only been known to mate with their own species.

The natural enemy of the nerd is the goth
A true Nerd does not need friends, for he always his his mind.
by The Zebu November 20, 2003

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