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Informed, up to date, fashionable, contemporary, relevant. Being modern in dress, attitude and interests. From "hepi," meaning "well-informed" from the West African language of Wolof.

The word was probably introduced to America by slaves imported from West Africa, and was still in use in 1930's era black speech. Hip/hep probably entered the mainstream American lexicon by way of the Beatnik subculture, who believed in racial integration, listened to black music and used words borrowed from black speech.
1930s: Are you hip to the jive?
1950s: He's one hep cat.
1990s-2000s: They are terminally hip.
by The World II September 24, 2007
People who feel that they must reproduce, that their purpose as humans would somehow be negated if they did not contribute to the overpopulation which will eventually kill us all.
Breeders do just that. They mate and churn out kid after kid.
by The World II October 08, 2007
A highly explosive grade of whoopass. Known to take foes utterly by surprise. So overpowering in its pwnage that it must be screamed every time it is said, preferably while kicking someone into a well, over a cliff or over any kind of precipice.
"Madness? This...IS SPARTA!!"

"Fool, I have come here to bring the SPARTA!! You don't want none of this!"

"SPARTA!!" *any words said after this point are drowned out by the mighty din of an ownage of epic proportions*
by The World II February 29, 2008
A Slavic warrior caste known throughout Russia, Ukraine and Northern Mongolia. The name Cossack probably originates from Turkic, "Kazakh" meaning either "horseman" or "free man" (i.e. not a serf or noble) depending on context. Both definitions hold true, as Cossack warriors were exclusively cavalry, and actively recruited freed or runaway serfs into their ranks. Going by the Turkic/Mongolian origin of their name, the Cossacks may have originated in Central Asia, and migrated into the Slavic lands as nomads, perhaps on the heels of the Mongol invasions.

Historically, the Cossacks were predominantly Russian Orthodox Christian, but there were a few, especially around Crimea, who were Muslim, and some were even Buddhists from Mongolia.

Most early accounts of the Cossacks come from those who fought them, and recount their brutality and the use of bull whips as a battlefield weapon. Later accounts come from Russian officers who fought alongside the Cossacks during Napoleon's invasion of Russia. The Cossacks fought alongside the Russian army as late as WWI. In the Revolution, the Cossacks aligned with the Czar, and committed numerous acts of brutality against anyone suspected of Communist sympathies. They also carried out pogroms against Jewish villagers, under the assumption that all Jews were Communists. After the Revolution, the Cossacks were persecuted by the Bolsheviks and finally crushed by Stalin.
The Cossacks raided the village.

The Cossack cavalry chased the Austrians down the embankment with their whips.

The Cossack cavalry chased the French into the marshes with their sabers.

A Cossack can kill three ninjas and seven pirates with one lash of his whip.
by The World II October 27, 2007
It's a rubber sheath that you wear over your penis whenever you have sex. To be used every time, no exceptions. Available at most drug stores and convenience stores, in a variety of sizes. If used right, it will prevent pregnancy. Something everyone would use if humanity were not the terminally retarded species it is.
The Pope doesn't want you to wear condoms. Isn't that rich? An elderly former Nazi who has never had sex wants to tell you how to have sex, and you are going to listen to him? Incredible, our species is doomed.
by The World II February 29, 2008
The greatest energy drink in the world. It comes from Korea, and contains a terrifying cocktail of space-age energy chemicals to keep you alert and focussed through practically anything.
I got some Bacchus F the other day, god that stuff is good.
by The World II November 18, 2007
Two great things: tits and gravy, now together at long last.

Also, British slang for "allright," peachy keen, cool, hunky dory, copasetic, mellow, A-OK, all clear on the Western front, etc.
Last night, my girlfriend poured some gravy on her boobs and told me to lick it off. Everything's tits and gravy over here.
by The World II October 05, 2007
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