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The act of overt flattery to put someone at ease so you can take advantage of thier lowered defenses.
I Eddie Haskell'd this gals Parents and they let me take their 7 series BMW when I took their Daughter out......Then I back seat mauled her!
by The Wiz! June 25, 2010
Carpe Dime is a latin phrase for ...Seize the Money!
Mark.....Did ya hear what our NEW IRS slogan?

John.....No What is it?

Mark.....Carpe Dime!......Seize the Dime!

John....Ya they want as much of our money as possible!
by The Wiz! June 23, 2010
A Textetary is a person that you ask to text for you when you can't....like when you are driving!
Mark...Janet could you be a good little Textetary and respond to tha the last text that Sherrill sent me? Tell her we are going out to the Honky Tonk!

Janet...No problem....you have another one from Andy...what do you want me to tell him? Tell him to sell that stock!
by The Wiz! July 25, 2010
Carpe Dame means to 'Seize the Girl"
Mark....Boy I sure think that gal with the brown hair and the big knockers is cute.
Tom....Ya she is a cutie.
Mark... I wanna ask her out ,but she's busy looking at the cucumbers.
Tom...Screw it...Be a Man and "Carpe Dame"
Mark...No shit...here I go!
by The Wiz! July 25, 2010
When you feel euphoric from kissing some one....especially the first time.
I had a kissgasm from making out with Kelly! I almost passed out!
by The Wiz! May 26, 2010
A Frankenwiener is the name for someones penis that was pierced cross ways. So that it has a bolt coming out each side like Frankensteins neck!
Jenny...I went out with Ben last night and we were gonna do it but when I reached down his pants I found out he had a Frankenwiener and there is NO WAY I'm gonna do him Now!

Marcie...Can I have his phone number then?
by The Wiz! July 25, 2010
"That Finger Thing" describes the act of massaging a women's "G" spot during oral sex.
Helen...What in the Fuck was "That Finger Thing" you did....Holly Shit.....It was like a multi-dimensional orgasm! I have never had anyone do that to me!....Really I'm not kidding!

by The Wiz! July 25, 2010
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