40 definitions by the slut formerly known as your mother

to be taken for a ride (as in riding a cunt). To be manipulated.
I'm not going to sit here and be taken for a cunt. Give me the car keys NOW.
(n.) (pl) A pair of female chums who will allow you to watch thier bedroom antics.
I have lesbian side sluts on call.
Generic name for one who rapes a man in the anus (bumming), not knowing the man has AIDS, thus shortening his own life for a moment's pleasure (if having your cock up the shitter of a non-consenting person of the same sex is your idea of pleasure)
Don't bend down when the suicide bummer is around, people. He'll give AIDS to his victims.
Big rolls of fat at the side of the stomach on unfit females.
Hold on to her handles and bang her.
Another way of saying that one is cold.
Oi! Guvnor, I'm freezing my bollocks out ere
UK use- (v.) to communicate inconcisely.
I tried reading 'the art of war' by SUN TZU but there was so much waffling and nonsensical rhetoric that I could barely find the useful information. Same for Mein Kampf
The best game company in the world until it faced up to the reality of competition, at which point it simply pumped out a jillion games involving spaceships and shooting enemies before they shoot you, either in the form of space invaders or a side scrolling shooter.
I remember how my father used to beat me at double dragon on my atari, and how I was really crap at that ghostbusters game.

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