40 definitions by the slut formerly known as your mother

(n.) Five fingers (4+ 1 thumb) coming toward your face. An example of cockney
Look at me again and I'll give you the bunch of fives
A second generation prostitute, who's father is unknown, who's mother was a whore, and became a whore in her footsteps.
Myself to the lady "It must be enquired; How does one go about being a whore?"

Bangtail "I'm a daughter of the trade. My mother taught me to spread 'em"
(n.) window dressing is the act of disguising a loan by taking money in exchange for the use of a business' asset(s). It shows on the financial statements that the company has both the money AND the asset, making the profits much larger when in reality it has restricted or no use of the asset. The extended definition of money laundering puts window dressing into a legal grey area, whereby it is not perfectly legal, but not illegal enough to build a real case against.
Everyone, from large companies trying to improve their profits, to hustlers on the street wanting extra cash in thier pockets is in to window dressing.
Statement of agreement issued after a vital stipulation has been uttered.
Property Owner: If you want to push that shit on my estate, that's fine, but I want 50% on your rent.
Drug peddler: Sure.
Property owner: ...and if you get caught... I never knew what you got up to. OK?
Drug peddler: That goes without saying.
When the hat of your penis is brown, you are a brown hatter.

Also a kind of flower.
I went to the garden show and saw lots of brown hatters lying in a (flower) bed
Pornographic intended material thatisn't arousing to most people at all, nor is it part of a sickening fetish. It just makes most viewers indifferent.
Lego porn is not quite porn.
to be taken for a ride (as in riding a cunt). To be manipulated.
I'm not going to sit here and be taken for a cunt. Give me the car keys NOW.

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