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A challenge between two people to settle a score. To initiate a duel, a duelist must demand satisfaction.
*slap with glove*
What? I demand satisfaction sir!
Let us duel, what shall be your weapon of choice?
Peddle-powered mode of transport with two wheels, handlebars and an annoying tendancy to harm one's testicles when going over bumps.
i want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I OOOOOWWW .....my nuts...
Midget men trying to go doggystyle on full sized women. In most scenarios, the midget gets tired, and the woman just sits on his dick or blows him to get the cumshot.
Google brings 3280 approx. results for oompa loompa pr0n.
Side scrolling beat em up manufactured for the sega megadrive/ sega genesis in the early 90's. Smooth and original gameplay made the game such a hit that a sequel was made, which was even better. There was a third game made, which had more moves availiable, but it wasn't anywhere near as popular as the first two.
Every time I faced the Mona & Lisa bosses in SOR I lost about five lives because I couldn't hit them. It was several years after first playing the game for the first time before i realised that I should stand with my back to them and press B and C buttons together to backkick when they approach. Saves me a few police cars.
Manipulating the price of an e-bay auction by simply placing a bid with no intention to buy, but rather to increase price more rapidly for the seller. Should the bumper be the winner of the auction, they will be transafered the money by the seller after payment, and give him back his goods.

Sometimes this occurs when the bumper simply wants to annoy others by pushing the price to ridiculous amounts near the end of the auction so desperate bidders place higher bids. These people also enjoy pestering the seller with questions about thier sexuality and underwear hygeine.
Spotting e-bay bumping is quite hard, since many n00bs unintentionally push the price up by placing consequtive increasing amounts for the same item within minutes.

If you notice that an item has a bidder who has placed multiple bids for an item, check thier feedback. If you notice this person has bought several items over a long period of time from the current seller, you have probably uncovered a scam, and should report it.
A form of internet game (term used loosely) where players form a clan or team by getting as many people as possible to click a link that leads to a page full of adverts, spyware, IP reading and lagging. The people with the most clicks to thier name get some manner of cheap receipt, such as an outwar t-shirt, or pittyful cash payment which must be collected in person from afghanistan (so no-one ever collects it). To actually be anywhere close to realising the top spots, much money and time must be given to conning innocent n00bs to the site, which probably outweighs the cost of the return prize.
slut: hello there
UouOTWER PLAYA5: pls cum 2 mi syt!!11
UouOTWER PLAYA5: www.x=6767676.outwar.com/dogshite
slut: I'm not going to lag my connection up with that outwar crap. Find someone else to join your werewolf clan
1) A leather glove with studs, used for punching, slapping, or setting challenges. In the days of old when knights were bold, a gauntlet would be thrown on the floor as a challenge. If someone picked up the gauntlet, they would accept the challenge of competition in 2)

2) A jousting competition, whereby knights on horseback would have 5 lances to attack eachother with, and one broadsword. They would wear the colours of a lady, and defend the honour of a kingdom.
I challenge ye, sir knight, to take the gauntlet.

Challenge accepted!

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