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20 definitions by the real julia

To utterly defile a victimized person of either sex. Can occur at any age, by anyone to anyone. It is not a joke. It is the subject of many UD submissions, but should not constitute as a form of entertainment, nor amusement. This terrible act ruins a person on many levels for the rest of their life. It is considered a greaat subject of high school and peri-adolescent males and females alike. However, should they grow up and consider the feelings of those survivors of said act they would come to realize how heedy this particular subject truly is.
Tulsa, Oklahoma recently caught a suspect accused of serial rape. The sick son of a bitch raped at least eleven victims ranging in age from TWO YEARS OLD to twenty. I hope they fry the shithole for his calculated serial rape crimes.
by THE REAL JULIA February 24, 2006
Humility despite obvious giftedness.
That girl is so sweet, kind, unforgettable, sexy, compassionate, alluring, smart, and flawless. Only she never seems to notice that she is so great! She must be Julia, who else could stand to be so wonderful and not advertise?
by THE REAL JULIA November 28, 2005
Traditional meaning of this name is from the Latin as the feminine form of Julius. It was meant to depict a soft downy face.
Today's meaning is far reaching in its scope due to the depth of individuals possessing the name of Julia. Contemporary definitions include the following traits:
Humility despite obvious giftedness.
Grace under fire.
Sexual prowess, and allure.
Charismatic qualities often resulting in captivated audiences.
Leadership strengths so as never to consist of follower behaviors.
Eccentric yet elegant tastes in men, clothing, hair, cuisine, and jewelry.
Compassion and kindness that knows no bounds and remains intact and available to persons regardless of their merit or past actions against a Julia.
Lacking in vanity, jealousy, obscenity, or the unappealing physical traits so common of other persons that are unfortunate to not have been named Julia.
Intellectual superiority is often attributed to said persons named Julia, though they do not flaunt this grand trait, nor do they hold a lack of intellect against those not born with the fortune of parents that would designate them with such a prestigious name as that of Julia.
Complexion so pure and luminescent that age is evaded with no neccessary measures of chemical peels, plastic surgeries, nor make-up concealers.
Socially, a Julia, shows ease and grace often owning a poularity unparalleled by the nameless masses flocking to said Julia.
That girl is so sweet, kind, unforgettable, sexy, compassionate, alluring, smart, flawless and humbly never notices that she is so great! She must be a Julia, who else could stand to be so wonderful and not advertise.
by THE REAL JULIA June 21, 2006
The individual, or group of individuals, involved in obsessive adoration of entertainers such as musicians, actors, athletes, and even political figures. Behaviors are juvenile and influenced oftentimes by crush-like emotions or lustful sentiments, and often infringe the rights of the figure experiencing the attentions of a frenzied fanatic.

Obsessive research and knowledge concerning the "likes/dislikes," genevation, habits, pet peeves, and other extraneous trivia concerning the idol are attributes shared among this stereotypical group of fans. This overly exhuberant fan exhibits traits such as promiscuity, daring and often irrational behavior, as well as, loss of self control when exposed to the object of their obsessions.

Most commonly viewed as consumed by their interest, as opposed to the normal realm of enjoyment experienced by the great majority of public.
Groupies at The Beatles concerts would often dissolve into tears, screaming fits and hysterics at the mere sight of the band's entrance to the stage.
by THE REAL JULIA June 08, 2006
1. To appologize for behaviors or actions that may have hurt another person.
2. The state of being worthless, or poor in quality.
3. The idea that there is more than one person responsible for dramas past, yet only one takes the blame.
1. I am sorry for the way things went four years ago, but now it is time to move on.

2. It is a sorry day when you cannot get over something that cannot be changed, and are unwilling to accept the graciousness offered to you as a person today, regardless of past.

3. I have never heard "I am sorry" from you for the past, yet I have offered you "I am sorry" regardless of blame, regardless of consequence.
by THE REAL JULIA December 19, 2005
There are multiple meanings for straight-
1. Traditional meaning: Without a bend or curve, evenly formed or set, not crooked.
2. Traditional meaning: Figurative; a) frank, honest, upright, b) right, correct
3. Traditional meaning: in proper order (numeric, chronologic, alphabetic, etc...),
4. Traditional meaning: without interruption or break; continuous, in an unbroken series, without reservations or exceptions,
5. Traditional meaning: unmixed, undiluted (reference to alcohol, or other substances, without qualification, unmodified,
6. Traditional meaning: showing no emotion or humor, serious rather than comic, natural rather than eccentric,
7. Traditional meaning: reliable, sure, authoritative,
8. Traditional meaning: behaving in a conventional manner, holding orthodox views, conventional, standard, normal,
9. Traditional meaning: made up of a set of five cards, as in poker,
10. Slang: term used in agreement, approval,
11. Slang: term used to qualify one's sexual preference,
12. Slang: term used to denote the validity of a statement or claim,
13. Slang: term used to describe a manner of frank communication, i.e.- straight talk,
14. Slang: term used to determine level of understanding, agreement, or otherwise mutual understanding and agreement
Traditionally the word Straight referenced the quality of an object posessing no bends, curves, or twists.
Today the word Straight refers to myriad categories including heterosexuality, commonality of opinion, earnest communication, and level of comprehension.
by THE REAL JULIA December 26, 2005
Defined as the female's climax in response to sexual stimulation.
My sweet babboo gives me The Big O and I am his slave for a week.
by THE REAL JULIA December 27, 2005