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An awkward situation in which two pedestrians, who are on a collision course with each other, are repeatedly unsuccessful in averting one another. As one person moves to their right, the other person moves to their left and vice versa. Each time they attempt a new maneuver, the frustrated pedestrians find themselves confronted by their counterpart. To the casual observer, these two people may appear to be dancing, but in reality, they both just want to get on with their lives.

These encounters are far less common in Europe – especially in Germany, where the government enforces pedestrian decorum through a stringent "bear right" policy. Pedestrian face-offs have been known to last upwards of ten seconds.
Randy: I just had a pedestrian face-off that lasted a good 15 seconds. In the end, we came to the mutual agreement that both of us should step to our right.
Dina: Wow, 15 seconds?! That's gotta be a world record or something.
by The Raging Bull July 29, 2005
adj. An acronym for "Off The Derekh." "Derekh" is the Hebrew word for "path", alluding to the path that G-d delineates in the Bible which every righteous Jew must follow. Can be used to describe a person, an object, or an idea.
"I can see that O-girl's knees. Damn, that skirt is OTD!"

"I can picture her doing something like that. That broad used to be shomeret, but now she's just OTD."

"I always thought you were observant. When did you become so OTD?"

"Dude, don't take me to these OTD parties anymore. I'm trying to do t'shuva over here!"
by The Raging Bull February 20, 2005
n. A euphemism for vagina (Swedish carmaker Volvo sounds very similar to a certain part of the female anatomy).
“Steve, even if Dina opts to go commando that doesn’t necessarily give you free rein to relentlessly venture to sneak a peek of her Swedish automobile.”
by The Raging Bull June 06, 2005
n. An Orthodox (Jewish) girl. These chicks drive secular guys crazy because of the alluring appeal of their perceived innocence. Synonyms include dox, nash and denim skirt.
"Damn, i wish i could get some of that O-girl action!"
by The Raging Bull February 20, 2005
n. Another name for a street pharmacist.
"My sidewalk apothecary provides me with the best Magical Mr. Mistoffelees this metropolis has got to offer."
by The Raging Bull May 23, 2005
Adj. Having the qualities of a tormentor or bully; A popular surname suffix in the Republic of Georgia, whose denizens are infamous for the strong-arm tactics they purportedly employ in order to reach the top of the food chain (e.g. Joseph Stalin, née Ioseb Jughashvili).
Friend: You’re nephew just threw a kid almost twice his size to the ground!
Me: Yup, that little tyke is a bona fide shvili.
by The Raging Bull April 28, 2005
adj. Drop-dead gorgeous (harif is a sharp spice that Israelis enjoy eating with their falafels & hummus). Note: should be pronounced with a guttural-sounding "H" for dramatic effect.
Hey motek, has anybody ever told you that you are hot like harif?
by The Raging Bull August 03, 2005
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