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The little hairs that dwell in your gouch. They are almost impossible to remove via scissors or razor. They sit and sit and don't get any bigger so you don't know they're there, and sometimes when you shit, little pieces get caught in the gouch gremlins, which sometimes leads to some form of surgery.
Tim tried to clean himself after that monster shit, but the gouch gremlins made it extremely difficult. So Tim shot himself.
by The Pimp's Bologna March 12, 2008
During sexual intercourse, when a woman sits atop the man and spins around while having diareah. The woman's feces should transpire around the room, like spinart.
Greg- "Hey Joe, let's have the party at your place tonight."

Joe- "I can't my man, me and the misses tried a Russian turntable last night, the place is a mess!"
by The Pimp's Bologna February 24, 2008
The spot at the top of your ass where the cheeks meet, but their is no hole behind them yet.
Mr. Spiffy tried sodomizing Frank, but to no prevail, because he was trying to penetrate the rectal hamburger, it fooled him!
by The Pimp's Bologna February 28, 2008
When someone fills a tubesock with dozens of live grasshoppers and then places it in a gay man's asshole.
Lyle- "Oh Steve you look awefully jumpy this morning"

Steve- "Ya, I did a Montague Tubesock last night, and I could still feel them inside me."

Lyle- "Fuck you Steve"
by The Pimp's Bologna March 18, 2008
Munching, or "eating out" a smurf.
Bill- "Hey Tim, how was your date with Smurfette last night?"

Tim- "It was pretty swell, after dinner i tool her back to my place and did some smunching. She wailed like an ox."
by The Pimp's Bologna February 23, 2008
The nerdy, orange sweater wearing chick who was the meat of the mystery solving gang on scooby-doo. She may be a nerd but she is so fucking hot.
Velma Dace Dinkly is so nerdy on Scooby Doo. Oh I want to give it to her so badly!
by The Pimp's Bologna January 27, 2008
When a man turns a women's vagina inside out, and gives the inside out vag a blowjob.
Tina- "What's wrong Miranda, do you have cramps?"

Miranda- "Nah, me and Frank did a Missouri Forklift last night, my vag is killing me."
by The Pimp's Bologna March 12, 2008

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