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A test designed to determine user-friendliness. One asks himself or herself if a product is easy enough to use that a grandmother could use it.
Pass: Windows and AOL. While both of these are inefficient and likely to crash products, they are purchased simply because they are easy to use.

Fail: Hooking up a home theater system. Even with the right guides etc., there are still many difficulties to get around...
by The Overmind July 07, 2004
Choking a computer refers to the process of holding down the power button until the given computer manually shuts off about 5 to 10 seconds later (presumably "choking" because of a loss of power). Not the preferable thing to do when working on one, as it loses all unsaved data in the process... However, one of the only things most Microsoft programs respond to.
Dang it! Windows XP just froze again for the (insert 4 digit number here)-th time today! Time to choke the computer again... *sigh*
by The Overmind June 30, 2004
Another way to say sombody is unhappy. Those smiling people on the Enzyte commercials are scary.
Looks like Tom over there needs to call Enzyte. He's been really upset lately.
by The Overmind July 06, 2004
George Bush's countermeasures for weapons of mass destruction. Never released to the public.
See also: Weapons of Weight Destruction
Trying to destroy Catholic worship, eh? We need to build bigger bombs to destroy the other religion!
by The Overmind July 06, 2004
A first-born child. Parents never quite know what to expect.
Oh, Bobby over there? Don't mind him; he was our practice baby...
by The Overmind July 06, 2004
George Bush's countermeasure to weapons of mass destruction. Never told to the United States public.
Trying to use the metric system, eh? Then we shall build bigger weapons using standard units!
by The Overmind July 06, 2004
The correct spelling of the word fidgets - that is, if the correct spelling for digits is didgits...
He figets with his didgits endlessly; it gets rather annoying.
by The Overmind July 06, 2004

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