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11 definitions by the muffin man 69

When a teacher or administrator at a school is more concerned with students following the set dresscode rules of the school than educating the students. This staff member is for the most part avoided as much as possible by the entire student body. Usually this person has the uncanny ability to spot a dresscode violation from more than a mile away. The dresscode nazi is one of the most hated staff members at any school.
person 1: "Dude, why did you get suspended?"
person 2: "The freaking dresscode nazi saw the hole in the pocket of my jeans."
by The Muffin Man 69 April 24, 2009
A mentally crippling and degenerative disease in which a white person (usually male) not only tries to be, but actually thinks that they are black. If you ask them what their race is they will always respond by saying they are black. Usually looked at as a joke since the fact that they are white but trying to act black makes everything they do extremely comical. Those at the highest risk for wiggeritis are white males in their early teens to mid twenties and live in a middle to upperclass society. Wiggeritis, unfortunatly, rarely ever reverses itself.
That white boy has got a serious case of wiggeritis.
by The Muffin Man 69 April 24, 2009
A kid that could be defined as "scene", "skater/punk", or "post-hardcore", that listens to horribly mainstream music and is under the false impression that by doing so, it sets them apart from everyone else. Usually very fake, two-faced, bitchy, and whines a lot. Attempts to rebel at any sort of "label" but doesn't hesitate to label others. Also pretends to enjoy hardcore/deathcore music but only listens to one or two bands that fit the genre. Guys can be commonly seen wearing pants that are ten sizes too small along with band shirts that are owned by at least 3/4 of the other kids in order to make sure that the shirt is "cool" or "scene" enough. Girls can be seen wearing skinny jeans in colors so bright they are only found in the highlighter section of Staples along with the same band shirt philosophy. Piercings and "gauges"(really called stretched earlobes but they call them gauges) are very popular. The same concept that they follow with the band shirts are followed with piercings (as long as other people have them then its cool). They are the modern day version of the "prep clique" when it comes to the stereotype of being backstabbing, two-faced, assholes that are quick to alienate anyone from the group that they don't "approve of". The girls often are super-manly in looks and attempt to cover up their manliness by applying absurd amounts of make-up to their faces. All in all the guys tend to go for a feminine look. Both girls and guys are what could be called "wanna-be" hardcore and are under the extreme false impression that the band Bring Me The Horizon is the best band in the world.
That little scene faggot is a total Chiodos Kid.
by The Muffin Man 69 April 06, 2009
The alleged hide out of the murderous Muffin Man.
I heard the muffin man lives on drury lane.
by The Muffin Man 69 April 24, 2009
the act of sodomizing someone with a cactus.
Person 1: "That was horribly disgusting!"
Person 2: "No, that was cactusodomy
by The Muffin Man 69 April 17, 2009
The hole that is left when an ear that has been stretched (gauged) a decent size closes up most of the way and leaves a hole resembling a squirrel anus. Very gross looking and usually the result ofstretching to fast.
Ever since you took out your plugs and stopped stretching it looks like you have a squirrelhole in your ear.
by The Muffin Man 69 April 13, 2009
A genre of music involving hardcore riffs with incorporated reggae patterned riffs and is very unorthodox compared to what is usually thought of from a subgenre of hardcore.
That band plays some really brutal reggaecore.
by The Muffin Man 69 April 13, 2009