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The rape of the eustachian tube.
"I think what you need is a little eustachian rape."
"What are you, a med student?"
by the letter d October 09, 2007
In addition to the below figurative definitions, "ocular rape" can also be used literally, to refer to the act of skullfucking.
I think what you need is a little ocular rape.
by the letter d October 09, 2007
A portmanteau of skullfucking and lobotomy, "skullbotomy" is when you give someone a lobotomy by skullfucking them.
Jim hasn't been able to count higher than twelve after Hank gave him a skullbotomy.
by the letter d October 09, 2007
Fortune, with a capital F, is the classical figure personifying fortune (with a lower-case F). Usually depicted as a person with a wheel full of outcomes; whatever the wheel is spun to is what happens.

(For the idea of a personified abstraction, consider Death, with a capital D, the cloaked figure with a scythe who personifies death, with a lower-case d.)
O, Fortune, how thou hast abandoned me!
by the letter d August 11, 2007
Short for "cum gargler;" a derogatory term for women who are sexually inexclusive.
"I've changed! I want you back!"
"Whatever, you gargler."
by the letter d August 05, 2007
An assinine marketing strategy used by Fox around 2000-2001 in which they tried to simultaneously hype their shows and coin a new catch phrase.
The commercial gleefully announced that Fox was "da boom" and featured Bender, from Futurama, dancing.
by the letter d January 20, 2008
B-movie goddess. As of 2007, has acted in over 140 movies, most of which were feature roles. (Compare this to the piddly 108 roles Sam Jackson has played.)
The tragedy of Debbie Rochon is that the quality of her performance has an inverse relationship to the quality of the movie, so there is really nothing of hers to recommend to a non-fan.

(Consider: She was great in Bleed, which sucked. She was mediocre in Tromeo, which was great.)
by the letter d November 04, 2007

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