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The Zombie Paradox is how zombies are supposed to be really weak and slow-moving from all the post-mortem decay... yet are still somehow strong enough to break out of their coffin when it's under six feet of soil.
I am so flippin' sick of the Zombie Paradox.
by the letter d August 08, 2007
A male or (usually) female who is sexually promiscuous.
"Two guys in one night? You're such a cock smuggler!"
"Look who's talking, you did twice that many once."
"Yeah but I was in committed relationships with each one of them."
by the letter d August 26, 2007
A slang term for the activity in which you slowly pour a jar of grape or (usually) blueberry jelly into a girl's cunt and then fuck her until your cock is purple.
She passed out after about an hour, so I gave her the ol' Romanian Eggplant.
by the letter d October 08, 2007
A nickname you can call someone who is on their period.
"Hey, what's up, Bleedy?"
"Not much, just bleedin'."
by the letter d February 19, 2007
Any act of copulation involving blood, including (but not limited to):

- fucking while the girl is menstruating
- stabbing somebody and then fucking the wound
- stabbing somebody and then fucking them normally but getting their blood all over each other
- stabbing yourself and then fucking
- stabbing a third party and then fucking
- having a blood orgy
- any combination of the above
That was one bloody fuck alright.
by the letter d October 07, 2007
Somnophilia. A fetish in which a person fantasizes about having sex with somebody who is unconscious at the time.

This is different from necrophilia in that the object is still alive at the time of intercourse.
"Don't pass out in front of him."
"Why not?"
"Really into sleepysex, that one."
by the letter d October 26, 2007
A maneuver used at the end of a fight, after your opponent has been weakened into submission, designed to kill the opponent.

(Derived from the original Mortal Kombat game, as another way of saying "fatality.")
1. Oh, Sub Zero's finishing move is tight, yo!

2. After knocking a homeless man down and kicking his lungs in for several minutes, I unleased my finishing move on him and shot him in the face with a pistol.
by the letter d October 26, 2007
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