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Catering to fans' base interests instead of to the integrity of the artistic work as a whole.
In the middle of the film, the director included two minutes of fanservice, thus providing many twelve year-olds with masturbatory material.
by the letter d December 21, 2008
Loud, jarring, unexpected noise. Also: a video editing trick favored by people who lack both skill and creativity.
One problem with the YouTube Poop community is all of these people who keep using ear rape in their videos. Man, that is poor.
by the letter d April 12, 2008
A more protracted/vulgar/aggressive version of fuck 'em.
"We're gonna massacre the other team!"
"Yeah, fuck those fuckers!"
"Fuck 'em in the face!"
by the letter d November 13, 2007
In addition to the above (very literal) definition, "cocksuckery" can also be used figuratively to refer to activities of little importance.
"Say, Jim, want to watch the winter olympics with me on tv?"
"I'm not interested in that cocksuckery."
by the letter D April 24, 2006
Released for the Super Nintendo, this was the sequel to NES' Butt Rape. It features more intricate gameplay and improved graphics.
"Man I just bought Super Butt Rape, it's tight yo."
"Oh snap, I loved Butt Rape for the NES."
"This is like twice as good."
by the letter d September 17, 2007
A female star of a horror film; so named because she spends a lot of time screaming.
Fun fact: the first ever scream queen was Fay Wray, from 1933's King Kong.
by the letter d February 07, 2008
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