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Code for anal sex (see example).
Woman: Boy, I'm really upset; I sure could use a hug.
Man: OKAY!!!!
by the letter d August 26, 2007
Humorously unbeknownst to the writers of the song, "it's hip to be square" is actually code for "let's have anal sex while a dildo is inserted in your vagina."
"Pssst... hey... it's hip to be square."
"Well... okay."
by the letter d October 07, 2007
Code for anal fisting. (see example)
Girl: I want more than this... I want love, I want passion, I want romance.

Guy: OKAY!!!
by the letter d August 26, 2007
In addition to the below definitions, judaism is also a religion that espouses male genital mutilation, and in doing so helps to proliferate it.
Thanks a lot, judaism.
by the letter d November 20, 2007
This is an operation done to appease the mighty and vengeful god because god hates foreskins more than anything and if you don't have yours forcibly removed without your consent he will send you to hell.

Any man who dies with his foreskin intact will have rains of sulfur fall upon him. He shall drown in a lake of fire while being stabbed by demons' pitchforks and eating shards of glass.

The only thing that god hates more than foreskins is sodomy. Things that he hates less than foreskins include theft, manslaughter, murder, and any of the seven deadly sins.

God: Augh! What's that thing on that guy's dick?
Person: Uh, it's a foreskin.
God: Well what's it doing there!
Person: You... are the one who put it there. Remember? You created man in your own image and that included giving him a foreskin.
God: Yeah, but jesus! I hate those things! Make him get rid of it!
Person: What, like make him get a circumcision?
God: Yeah!
Person: Even though every male is born with a foreskin, and there's no health reason to remove it, and removing it will deprive him of pleasure, and he's not yet old enough to consent to the surgery, and h--
God: Yes!
by the letter d November 20, 2007

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