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A finishing move in which you spray your acid cum across someone's face, slowly killing them as their skull and then brains are dissolved away.
*fight fight fight*
*pow pow pow*
"Aaaaaggghhhhh you got me...."
by the letter d October 26, 2007
As a noun, a nail is a mixture of alcoholic beverages. Generally, the attendees of an event will contribute to the nail by pouring in whatever's left of their beverages after drinking them.
Let's drink from the nail!
by the letter d August 25, 2007
The effect created when a girl is really, really, REALLY wet.
I pulled off her panties, and it was like a freakin' river.
by the letter d August 26, 2007
The act of making a |,|, shape by holding up your index and ring fingers simultaneously and then using that to literally salute somebody.
"Old Man Macarthur is coming!"
"Quick, give him the two finger salute!"
by the letter d October 26, 2007
The nickname for a maneuver in which you (1) insert your entire hand into a person's anus and (2) open your hand, as if you are about to wave it and say "how do you do?"
"I want to give my girlfriend a How Do You Do, but I'm concerned that she's a little too tight."
"Well, practice makes perfect."
by the letter d October 26, 2007
Any form of act involving permanent and irreversible damage to a man's genitals.

Circumcision is the most widely practiced form of male genital mutilation, and is for some reason currently legal in the united states.
Americans sure love male genital mutilation. It's like apple pie, or the majestic bald eagle.
by the letter d November 20, 2007
One who gives fellatio.

Metal Gear Solid 3 was given this subtitle to instill the series with yet another homoerotic undertone.
"You are such a snake eater."
"What? I hate that game."
"That's not what I meant."
"Oh yeah, well I am THAT kind of snake eater."
by the letter d August 26, 2007
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