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Personal lubricant available at any drugstore. Various brand names exist as well as various formulas. From water based to complex lubricating combinations. Used to assist in making intercourse and anal sex more comfortable and pleasurable and also used with sex toys to make penetration easy and enjoyable. Highly recommended to have around because you never know when you'll need it.
Dominique was feeling exceptionally horny and wanted to spice things up a bit. She pulled her moist panties off and climbed up on the couch. In a demanding tone she said she wanted me to be her Bung Licker. Naturally I complied. After giving her balloon knot a thorough cleansing, she orgasmed and flipped around and was the best Bag Lapper I ever had. I was close to busting a nut so I stopped her and grabbed my Jack Juice. Lubed my cock up and her Gumhole real good, laid her on her back and ended the evening in triumph as her Anal Intruder. She dug her fingernails deep in my back, legs wrapped tightly around my waist as I pumped my ejaculate deep in her colon.
by The King Cornholer April 12, 2008
That lucky guy who's wife or female friend lets him bend her over the couch and has her hold her ass cheeks open wide. He applys his nose close to her stink star and slowly inhales the aroma of her stink star as he jerks off to the pleasure of the scent and sight of her balloon knot. Possibly progressing further into becoming a bung licker or ultimateley an Anal Intruder.
Linda and I was really horny. I leaned her over the back of the couch and she spread her butt cheeks wide and held them that way. I leaned in and slowly inhaled that delicious funky odor of her bunghole over and over. I pumped away at my hard crank and knew I wouldn't last long. I licked at her gumhole and once I tasted that tangy balloon knot, I erupted like a volcano and gushed one of the biggest loads I've ever shot. I just love being her Bum Sniffer.
by The King Cornholer April 09, 2008
A male inclusive event. The physical act of achieving orgasm regardless of how it occurs. This action is usually quite pleasurable. Occasionally it could be difficult or nearly impossible to achieve due to varying circumstances.
1: Karl and Cheryl was heavy into making love, she was being a Bag Lapper when he rotated her around on all fours and was a Bung Tonguer before he gently Cornalized her, pistoning away while holding her by the hips. With his organ fully engorged, he Busted A Nut, explosiveley, deep in her Tailpipe.

2: Rick and Kathi partied way too hard. Liquor and Vicodin can take its toll. Kathi was horny as hell and dripping wet. She pulled Ricks shorts down and began sucking on his crank like a mad woman. With all her might she couldn't get him fully erect. She licked and sucked his Tailpipe and that didn't help either. He finally became semi hard and she was able to help him Bust A Nut in her mouth and she swallowed every gooey drop.

3: Diane needed some hard dick inside her and wanted to come like crazy. Larry had partied way too late and drank too much. She tried giving him a handjob and sucking on his dick and balls but things just were not working right. He was frustrated, she was frustrated and needless to say he never got to Bust A Nut so she settled for him being a Bung Licker and treating her Tailpipe to a thorough cleansing and an awesome anal orgasm.
by The King Cornholer May 11, 2008
That tight, puckered opening of your wife or female friend that is situated just inches below her beautiful love tunnel. The only place that one can be a Bung Tonguer, or even an Anal Intruder. When spreading her ass cheeks wide, you can place your nose up close to her Bunghole and slowly inhale the scent of her Balloon Knot and slowly lick the taste right off and around her Gumhole. With slow, deliberate stabbing motions of your tongue, in and out of her Turdcutter, she can achieve anal orgasm. At that point you introduce the aspect of being a Rectum Rooter and while thrusting your penis in and out, ejaculate deep in her Tailpipe.
Larry: Hey Joe, you are acting odd. What happened last night?

Joe: The timing was perfect, I got to Cornhole Cindy last night and dumped the biggest load I ever had in her Tailpipe.
by The King Cornholer May 08, 2008
The actual act of licking and sucking on your wife or girlfriends gumhole until she has an orgasm. Its performed while you are licking her pussy up and down and you sneak down to be a bum sniffer. You gently probe her stink star with the tip of your tongue, taking in her savory flavor and aroma. If she responds positiveley, you keep working on her bunghole until she cums, now your an official bung tonguer. If she responds negativeley, you have to stop the fun and settle for her being a Bunghole Bandit. Stealing any chance of some ass tortilla fun.
I couldn't believe how wet Charlene was this morning. We were up late last night and screwed for hours. I woke up with morning wood and rolled her over. I was lapping away at her musky twat and got the brilliant idea of a little savory ass tortilla action. I eased down and gingerly started licking away at her balloon knot. It was delicious. She said she wasn't up to any cornhole action so I had to settle for her just being a Bunghole Bandit.
by The King Cornholer April 12, 2008
A physical reaction that occurs with a males reproductive organ when sexually aroused. Blood fills the shaft and the Penis becomes erect and firm. The cowpers gland kicks into gear producing the clear fluid that trickles from the end of the tip. Making a wet spot in the shorts or dribbling off or down the erect crank. What happens beyond that is determined by the situation at hand. No pun intended. He has achieved a Thoroughly Hard Upright Dick. Thud.
While I was sniffing Theresa's Balloon Knot, I got one hell of a Thud and ending up pulling the old Bung Licker act on her. Her Gumhole softened right up and she let me Cornhole her like mad. She said I was the best Anal Intruder she has ever experienced.
by The King Cornholer April 16, 2008
To have performed the act of being an Anal Intruder or even a Rectal Spelunker. Included in the act could have been a little bit of being a Bung Tonguer or a Bum Sniffer. To be cornalized is only offical if you totally gush your load deep in her stink star.
Larry: Hey Chuck, why are acting like your walking on air?

Chuck: Man I had a helluva great weekend!

Larry: You get laid or something?

Chuck: Not only did I get laid, Linda was the best Bag Lapper ever and I Cornalized her with passion, spurting the largest load I ever had deep in her balloon knot. She came like you wouldn't believe. Screaming into her pillow.

Larry: You lucky fuckin dog!!
by The King Cornholer April 14, 2008

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