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Someone who is always poor and dirty and some of them are narrow-minded bigots. I really don't like them.
Some more descriptions of them:
-You look next door and see "Muddin" going on and hear country music/Southern rock playing.
-A Rebel flag is flying on the neighbor's porch
-You see hunting dogs caged up in the backyard
-You hear Southern-like Whooping and "hollering" and occasional gunfire
-Your neighbor is wearing Rebel flag attire, is hairy, and is missing so many teeth it looks like his tounge is in jail
-The neighbor is fat, ugly, wears oversized T-shirts and either smokes or drinks a lot, and her hair is nasty looking
-You see duct tape on everything
I looked out of my window one afternoon and saw a bunch of shitty looking pickups sloshing in a huge crater of mud, while some of the people over there looked on drinking beer and hooting. Some guy was putting duct tape on the door frame.
by The Kentucky Yankee August 12, 2004
A big, fine round ass. Most black girls and many white and latina girls are blessed with these anatomical masterpieces. They are as fun to watch and just as fun to grab.
Bubble Butts have the potential to automatically give tens of millions of guys a boner.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 05, 2005
What you live next to in the Midwest (me) or the South if your not in a big city or large town. They can be defined more easily with these following, short descriptions:
-Is very poor
-Smells really bad
-Eats pork rinds, squirrel, and drinks beer
-Wears clothing from Dixie Outfitters, Wrangler, and NASCAR
-Has vehicles up on cement blocks
-Has unkempt hair and an overall nasty-looking appearence.
-If you can hear them laughing and loud-mouthing very clearly from 200 yards away.
-If you see living room furniture and useless appliances outside.
My neighbor is a loud-mouthing piece of white-trash with nasty hair and a film of dirt built up on her skin. The rest of her imbred family lives with her. They live over 200 yards away and I can still hear that ugly laugh that those guys have....UGGH!
by The Kentucky Yankee August 12, 2004
Kick-ass 80s pop-rock band from Great Britain, that made it to the tops of the charts several times over with hits like "ordinary world", "hungry like the wolf", "new moon on monday", "I dont want your love", and "come undone". Their major run of success and music production lasted from 1981 to the early 90s, when they made a final, major commercial success album.
My favorite Duran Duran song is "Come Undone"
by The Kentucky Yankee October 25, 2004
The predominant group of people in the Middle East. Half or more are peaceful and civilized, but a very large number of them are militant extremists a.k.a terrorists, Islamic radical supporters, and insurgents.
Muslims go by the Koran the Islamic equivalent to the Christian Bible. Within the pages of the Holy Koran, it teaches peace, while it actually says to destroy those people and other things that go against the Muslim faith. The contradictory words of the Koran, as well as there being non-Muslims in the Middle East, is what has led to this radical Islamic terrorism. Another major cause is the militant extremist leaders, such as Ayatolla or Abu Musab al-Zarkawi, of whom brainwash and convince the Arabic, Palistinean, Persian (Irani), and Iraqi people through their manipulation and charisma. They are made to believe that Christians and Jews are The Great Satan and the infidel.
Many, but not all of the muslims, are brainwashed and hate-filled terrorists and insurgents whose ultimate goal is the destruction of western and non-islamic civilization.
by The Kentucky Yankee July 08, 2005
A city of around 315,000 in the southwestern edge of Ohio. It has a massive metropolitan population of over 2.1 million people covering Northern Kentucky and a large amount of southwestern Ohio. It is a very fine city; it is full of musuems, restaurants, shopping areas, sports stadiums, and is home to the World's first skyscrapers outside of Chicago and New York City, of who were first. Home to the Bengals (Pronounced 'BAIN-Guls) NFL Team and the Cincinnati Reds MLB Team, Cincinnati is also the only true conservative/Republican metropolis in the state of Ohio, I'm glad to say.
I love Cincinnati. I love it a lot.
by The Kentucky Yankee February 05, 2005
A now-obsolete organization created in 1909. From the time it began through the 1950s and 60s, however, it was a great organization. That is because it was doing what it was supposed to do: finally give blacks their equal and civil rights that they should have had from the very beginning. They could have received them a long time ago, but the Jim Crow South and racists in the North and out west wouldn't acknowledge or respect the 13th-15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, added way back in the 1860s.
But today, the NAACP doesn't even know what they are really doing. Many members believe that white people hate them, are racists, and don't care about black civil rights. The fact is, even though there are many white racist idiots (but nowhere near as many as there were only fifty years ago) out there who cause sporadic but few incidents, most white people don't just tolerate black people, but they like them. Those same white people (including myself) want them to have equal rights and civil liberties; many of them are here to help. I honestly believe (as well as tens of millions of other people in this nation) that a large number of black Americans need to get the chips off their shoulders. Most likely, nothing serious or even moderately bad will ever happen to them; times have changed and so have peoples' attituded. It's nowhere near as bad as it used to be, and it can only get better.
I love black people, but I don't like the NAACP. Though it is far from the level of the KKK, I still believe the group is a bad thing, and even keeps us segregated some. It is time to disband it and all other racial-centered organizations and groups. We need equality.

The Kentucky Yankee, Proud Urbandictionary.com author since August 2004.
by The Kentucky Yankee September 27, 2005

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