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Medical condition resulting from excessive masturbation. Originated in Rolla, Missouri due to lack of a female population.
Jon beats off so much at school he's got the worst case of rolla wrist ive ever seen
by The Greg June 10, 2004
A person who likes to have gay sex with dead, burning cows.
Jeff is the only homopyrobovinenecropheliac that I know, hes one sick motherfucker.
by The Greg June 11, 2004
A yes or no question, refering to the legality of having sex with a minor.
Greg: "Hey Dan, check out that hottie. How old is she?"
Dan: "Dude, shes no, but she'll totally be yes in a year."
by The Greg June 10, 2004
Extension of the wobbly h where the two guys give each other a high-five above the girl. Bonus points give if the bitch is a French foreign exchange student (clean shaven only, hairy chicks are gross).
Greg and Jeff got Kristen drunk and talked her into a wobbly h. They were so happy they slapped hands and formed the eifel tower. Then the arm wrestling began.
by The Greg July 08, 2004
Yamaha's FZR line of motorcycles.
FZR600Rs are the best
Greg's bike is sweet, hes got that '96 fizzer
by The Greg June 18, 2004
Gibberish, similar to spanglish, that Dan Dan the Mexican yells when he gets really pissed off and cant speak right.
Squiggilyfuck Tony is a dumbshit!!!
by The Greg June 10, 2004
sl. for felatio. Originating from the similarities between the face a blowslut makes while she's sucking on your wang and the face she makes while eating an icecream cone.
You want to come over... well ok, only if you put on your best icecream face.
by The Greg July 15, 2004
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