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someone who is no longer on one's christmas list.
Fuck Off, curl up and die painfully you donkey-Sucking Uncle-Fucker
noise made by males when genitals get trapped in painful places
getting forskin caught in flys
the finer things in life,
rich mans speed,
the one love of my life! my reason my heartbeats (too fast!)
Insult - derogatory term for someone who is offensive to one's senses.

Often abbreviated to 'Sack of Unwanted'
Fuck off! You sack of unwanted horse piss!
Getting fingerd whist wanking off your man!!
its good for her & GR8 4 him
Ruff as F*ck (RAF)
That bird over there is a fucking pit-monster!
to give oral sex to a male (a good cock suck)
to yaffle the yougart cannon

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