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What occurs when you let go a silent gas attack immediately before you exit the elevator, leaving the other passengers behind to enjoy the fruit of your labors.
As the door closed, and the stench enveloped them, the elevator riders knew they were trapped in the Dutch Elevator.
by The Dutch Auto Man May 29, 2005
Like the Dutch Oven only it involves the driver of a moving car using the window lock feature while expelling a monster ass gas attack. Results in great fun as the trapped person(s) attempts to open the window for some relief. Very effective with wives, girlfriends and children.
While taking the kids to soccer, Dad trapped them in Dutch Auto.
by The Dutch Auto Man March 27, 2005
The act of a man whipping it out and peeing at an inappropriate time very near a girlfriend or wife with the expectation of being caught. Can be used to ruin photos others are taking by causing the photo to include the peeing act.
While his girlfriend was watching the fireworks, Jim was able to pull off a surprise pee, which really pissed her off.


It was a special family photo, until it was printed and a surprise pee was discovered.
by The Dutch Auto Man July 18, 2006
This occurs as you carry around a huge turd, looking for a target on which to drop it. The turd, like a bomb, is lethal as it cooks up getting ready for the mission. When it is let go, it is like a bomb from an airplane, headed to the target, destroying the vessel into/onto which it lands.
Jim waited till his girlfriend went into the kitchen to sneak into the bathroom, drop his bowel bomb, and totally destroy the bowl.


The odor of the Jim's bowel bomb, dropped right before dinner, totally destroyed the mood of his date.
by The Dutch Auto Man August 09, 2006
Another way to refer to the Johnson. Reference is to a ham, in the smokehouse, hanging, only in the trousers rather than in the smokehouse.
From the drunk, horny look on her face, Jim knew his date would soon be feasting on some trouser ham.


Jim didn't have a cock. He had a trouser ham.
by The Dutch Auto Man October 04, 2006
A reference to the cock and balls of a man. Another refernce to the johnson pleasure poker dick and nut sack combo.
Jim teabagged the bitch with his dangle meat.


As he put his cock and balls on her face, he realized his dangle meat had found a home.
by The Dutch Auto Man November 05, 2007
Another reference to the trouser ham, johnson or cock.
From the hungry look on his dates face, he know that she would soon be riding the pleasure poker.
by The Dutch Auto Man October 09, 2006

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