18 definitions by the don

an othe name for pussy, vagina
I heard you ate her doonilla.
Her doonilla was very wet.
by the don February 17, 2005
They way it's done in good and fun
When it's so good you gotta have more
- you kickin that kid was stallion style!
- that girl/guy does it stallion style...damn i want it again!
by The Don March 20, 2005
1.Moussa Badiane
2.Acting dumb or like a hater
"Moussa stop actionl like your brother"
by the don June 09, 2004
Synonym for something that looks fairly decent but sucks ass when you try to use it.
Man, that eco-car four-banger car you bought is really XP, bro.
by The DON October 16, 2002

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