13 definitions by the canadian information minister

One who has amassed so much experience handling gay ass that he has is now qualified for consultancy.
I suspect that our new boss is a bit of an assconsultant.
A combination of 'oblivion' and 'obliterate'. Basically means exactly the same as 'obliterate'. Used in two different Front Line Assembly songs on their 2004 album 'Civilization'.
From the song 'Civilization':
These islands collapsing,
we burn, rape, obliverate,
our conscience heavy,
we take and take,
A threat. Related to "...break my foot off in your ass." Can be used against one or two opponents.
"I will wear you like a meat sneaker."

"I'm gonna bend you guys over and turn you into my meat sneakers."
by The Canadian Information Minister December 22, 2004
A machine used in the O Henry bar factory, which inserts THAT BIG CHUNK OF FUDGE in the middle.
Oh no, the fudge packer broke down! Stop the conveyor!
1. Short for "fighting drunk". Someone who has had too much beer and is picking fights.
2. Short for "fucking drunk". Just very, very drunk.
1. Dave is totally frunk, he just punched out that roadsign!
2. Dave is totally frunk, the roadsign knocked him out.
To smash someone in the groin, especially a male and especially with a blunt object.
Ouch, Bertuzzi just crotched MacInnis!

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