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A female that has had sex (esp. unprotected) with many, many different guys. This "slutload" usually has bleach-blonde hair, wears low-cut shirts (as to show off their giant tits), discusses to her classmates the number of guys she's blown, talks in a sexual manner most of the time, and has many slutload friends. These females should be avoided at all costs. They usually think they're cool because they listen to Dance Gavin Dance, The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!, 3OH!3, and other lame bands.
Joshua: "Wow, that girl Kendra sure is a SLUTLOAD"

Sebastian: "She sucked your dick, too?!"

Joshua: "Yeah man. And hey, did you get that naked picture of her?"

Sebastian: "Of course! Everybody did!"
by thatswhatkateesaid June 08, 2010

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