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The gayest thing you can ever do while riding a wave. A sport that requires no skill at all. Bodyboarders like to imagine that their sport is harder than surfing and they are more "hardcore", but just about everbody knows, they arent. Ohh and around here in southern california most of them seem to have their ears peirced like little fags
the difference between some one who is into surfing and another peopson into bodyboarding

Surfer-"Hey man, wanna go surfing?"

Bodyboarder-"Surfing, your such a pussy, why dont you stop being a little pussy and just lay down on your board asshole"

Surfer-"okay dude, relaz..forget it"

Bodyboarder-"nah bra..you chill...i have my fucking ears pierced you cant even come close to my skillzzz....i am to hardcore for you
by thatonesurferked December 08, 2008
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