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emo is well, many things from many different points a view so thing they are just "fags" who dress weird. some look at the root of the word emo emotive hardcore/emocore, a type pf music. some branch off from the root of the word emo, they see it as a way to dress which came from the "emo" bands and their fans way of dressing. their there are those who see it as people who cut themselves or hurt themselves in some way. then there the people on the other side of this, the people who preform the music, dress in tight clothing and band t-shirts, and the people with emotional problem of some sort. the band just are taking advantage of the new emo crowds growth. the people who dress emo see it as fashion or a way to express themselves. the people with emotional problems vary widely from have a self esteem issues depression personality disorders excreta. these are often caused by people judge them in some way, no matter how lard the judgment was.
outsider to emo1:did you hear that new punk band?
outsider 2:yeah but their not punk their EMO, whatever that means.

outsider1:did you notice that emo guy from English?
outsider2:yeah he was like decked out is skinny stuff

outsider1:hey emo go cut yourself!
insider to emo1: hey fuck you!
by thatonedudeyourealywanttohit November 16, 2010

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