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A pimped out player who knows how to get his. While a murray kirman may only stand at about 5'6 he's atleast 7feet tall when laying on his back and his feet are wide as a bear's paw. Known for his exploitation of women and his extremly legendary large penis. Murray kirman is also known to punk a motherfucker in a split second, While rivaled by noone and praised by all, murray kirman is the definition of having "been there and done that" Also a murray kirman can be found in the city of Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles County usually representing himself as only a real G can in his "OLD GUYS RULE" T-Shirts and when asked about anything worth doing he can more than not be found answering with the only answer a beast of a man like himself can answer a question with "It was good, it was not great". Also this man's took a trip to the store at age 11 and his explorations and adventure's were captured in a 5 book series called The Death Dealer" written by Frank Frazetta. A murray kirman is also known by his bathroom shower which has been said to be big enough for 3 very large people but for his uses he can only squeeze himself, a slender thin woman and his extremely large penis in that mystical of all places where magic and sexual perfection is achieved.
"I gotta go work more rickshaw hours downtown so I can get murray kirman his money"
by thatguy1980 November 04, 2011
Rather living in america or the garbage dump that is mexico, they are a small bodied race of people who by all common standards are poor, ignorant and lack any kind of real drive and motivation to be anything other than a carwash attendant or a churro vendor. the mexican man is known to have quite possibly the smallest penis of all races that including the asian race. The mexican woman on average(average being 95%-99%) of the time are complete imbeciles and can not do accuratley do a 5th grade arithmatic problem with any kind of adult accuracy. However they have mastered the american welfare and food stamp programs and as well live and die by the free medicare we offer here in the U.S. Also mexicans in america are a very jealous and dirty race known for their weak bodied and minded actions such as having to fight another race with a 5 to 1 odds.To see a mexican at his best go to the city of Van Nuys anytime during the day and you will see them in their run down toyotas with their overweight girls with about 3 to 4 kids if not more and that is the best possible life a mexican can ever achieve.
"Hey mom is that a mexican???... EEwwwww he does smell bad! Real bad! That mexican must never shower and thats odd because he's got on a brand new white t-shirt
by thatguy1980 November 04, 2011
A city in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Also a place where a bunch of bitch ass mexicans live. (also all mexicans are tiny dick'd jealous lazy immigrants) A filthy dirty city where mostly mexicans live and talk hard in private but yet get punked on quite a regular basis by the few whites that live there. There are a number of blacks that live in the city limits as well but most are unemployed and unintelligent and usually addicted to crack and getting that monthly welfare check on time.There is a city library and courthouse next to each other. You can tell the difference by the people standing in line to get in each. There are usually alot of whites trying to check out books and better themselves while next door at the courthouse you can always find it filled with tons of mexicans and their disgusting women waiting in line to be put to justice for such things as selling illegal narcotics and beating their fat,nasty women within a inch of their lives because they are so upset with their lives because of their genetic predissposal to having very small penis's and shit for brains. Also there is a main BLVD running through downtown Van Nuys where there are alot of pawn shops and bail bond institutions due to the large number of crimes done by the filthy punk ass mexicans.
I have to go and donate some food at the Van Nuys food shelter because the dirty mexicans and niggers that live there can't provide for themselves.
by thatguy1980 November 04, 2011

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