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2 definitions by thatguy?thisguy!

A pencil thin beard. Sometimes refered to as "Chin Straps". This beard is often worn by douche bags that wear hats turned 3/4s backwards and drive imported right-hand drive cars in north america.
This Guy: Look at that kid over there, not only is he a right hand douche he is also rocking a douche beard.

That Guy: Wow.
by thatguy?thisguy! March 20, 2009
66 50
Anyone in north america who drives an import that is right hand drive. Typically a toyota, honda, mazada, or nissan.
This guy: Look at that douche driving the right hand drive Supra

That guy: wow, what a right hand douche. Look he is evening rocking a douche beard.
by Thatguy?thisguy! March 20, 2009
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