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5 definitions by thatgrl

shorter version of whatever...you can use it in arguments in the same way only it works even better. after a person has explained their whole side of the argument then just say "whatev" and then most likely the person ur arguing with will be annoyed by this shortened word and add in the "er" at the end and then its a beautiful thing because they'll realize that ur working together for one common cause in life,to make a full word out of its two seperate syllables, and who cares about that silly argument anymore?
girl: but how could u sleep with my mom? after all we have been through and blahblahblah
guy: whatev
girl: er...FUCK ME NOW!
by thatgrl July 14, 2004
516 139
stands for pure grain alcohol
everclear is a type of pga
by thatgrl March 17, 2005
37 28
"ass" and "action" combined
i got some major assion last nite
last night was assion packed
by thatgrl January 14, 2005
3 1
short for 'shut up ho' and can be used in any situation in place of shut up even if the loud/annoying person is male, he can still be a ho. shupo is to be used when joking among friends. if one uses it seriously while trying to insult someone they will just laugh, magnifying their loudness and annoyingness.
Latoya: you can't dance for shit
Latoya's friend: shupo!
by thatgrl October 14, 2004
3 4
is short for 'splendid' this word is the next big thing and everyone should use it. splendid is a good word that sort of went out of fashion and this is the new and improved version of it
the song "whats happenin" by the ying yang twins is splend yo!
by thatgrl July 12, 2004
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