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1)K.O. as in "knocked Out" can be used in life when someone is unconcious and also appears in fight games when there is a victor and the loser is K.O.

2)the dyslexic way of saying OK.
(I have a dyslexic friend and this is her joke, its not meant to be hurtful or nasty in any way)
PersonA: hey PersonB, u want to go to the movies?
PersonB: ko

PersonA: Im going to knock u out
PersonB: ... *is knocked out*
PersonC: K.O.!
by ThatGirl January 13, 2005
A person who is totally under appreciated in her group of people, who is always looked over or considered just a friend to guys, but is amazing inside and dies bit inside whenever she thinks of her own definition
That girl is a total tanisha, but you would never know
by Thatgirl February 06, 2012
A Character in the play by William Shakespeare, "Othello". Iago is the "baddie" and manipulates Othello into killing Desdemona because Othello believes Desdemona has had an affair. Iago is a nasty piece of shit, however, he comes up with good lines like....
O' beware, my lord, of the green eyed monster. it doth mock the meet it feeds from"

basically, watch out for jealousy
by ThatGirl January 12, 2005
A female or male who performs fellatio: the act of orally pleasuring a penis.
Can be derogatory.
I gave him such a good blowjob he nicknamed me cocksucka.
by ThatGirl August 14, 2003
meaning a fool for squirrels. someone who loves squirrels a LOT. similar to a love fool - a fool for love etc. this is generally said in a derogatory manner and after hearing some kids talk about it on the bus, i just had to put this into the UD.
Person A: hes a love fool
Person B: naw man, hes a squirrel fool
by ThatGirl January 18, 2005
A blonde bitch, that will pretend to be your best friend but go behind your back and have sex with your boyfriend!! It spends all day shopping online spending the money it doesn't have because its to lazy to get a job. A sarah is basically as FAKE as they come. So if you see a sarah run in the other direction, and hide your boyfriend!
Girl 1 : Whos that girl flirting with your boyfriend???

Girl 2: Thats a sarah
by THATGIRL January 13, 2014
1) The caloric version of that manna from the gods, diet coke.

2) Nasty tasting when compared to diet coke, but still a shit load better than pepsi.
"Do you want a coke with that?"
"do you have diet coke?"
"no, but we have pepsi."
"uh, hell no. I'll take the coke."
by thatgirl June 28, 2004
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