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a sexual act in which a man orgasms into a womans vagina, mouth, or ass condomless, and then informs her that he has the aids virus, regardless of if it is fact or fiction, then proceedss to kick her off the bed and flees the premises
john: oh man, last night was great!
mike: what happened?
john: i hooked up with cindy then dropped the dave bomb on her!!
mike: nice.........
by that super cool guy September 12, 2008
Referencing Frank Millers '300', an elite class of greek soldiers, who tend to pwn persians. Consisted of super hardcore people such as Jason Statham, Bear Grylls, and Chuck Norris. Like to kick people down giant pits
Spartan- THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!! *kick down a pit*
by that super cool guy January 11, 2009

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