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a good and faithful person who has been through alot of heartache, and cant take any more of it, so if a Timothy likes you, and you like him, it would mean the world to him if you reached out to him. hes NOT ugly at all, hes pretty smart, and will show you the beautiful side of the world if you let him.
He doesn't take shit from anyone, and has had enough of yours. Dont ever turn a Timothy away, because you will NEVER get one again. If he texts you, reply. Not replying is the worst thing you can do, and if he calls you, ANSWER, he may need you. most of the time, girls dont know just how much they are hurting him. Dont ever turn your back on a Tim, because you have no idea how many times that has happened to him before. He's WAY out of your league, but he likes you and thats all that matters to him. If you have hurt a Tims feelings in the past 4 months, contact him right away and let him know that you are sorry, because hes had enough. Give him a chance and he will change your world, turn your back on him and he will stop trying, because he will not make a fool of himself.
this is the sixth time some girl has broken Timothy's heart, i don't think he can take much more, i mean hes only 17...
by that one kid nobody knows October 08, 2012
The difference between a regular cigarette and a "fucking" cigarette, is that a regular cigarette is smoked at will, and casually. A Fucking cigarette, usually becomes a fucking cigarette due to the fact that the smoker has not gotten the chance to pop outside for a cigarette in a long time, and is typically smoked very quickly due to a lack of time. A cigarette can also become a "fucking cigarette" when its the first cigarette after a very long and hard work shift.
I hate airports... you cant smoke on the planes... its been 12 hours now and if you'll excuse me im going to go have a FUCKING cigarette.

WOW dude thank god you came in, ive been stuck behind the desk for about three hours straight and now if you'll excuse me im going to pop out for a FUCKING cigarette.
by that one kid nobody knowS April 16, 2015

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