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a suburb of columbus ohio, there is a total of about 10 houses under a million dollars and the home of the owner of limited, victorias secret, bath and body works, limited too, and express. the kids here are snobby not to mention preppy and if your 16 and 1 day and havnt received a mercedes yet; your shunned. new albany is home of the prestigious new albany country club with a $10,000 per month fee. the popular kids live in the "country club neighborhood" and living on the golf course is is key in social ranking. the kids go to new albany elementary, middle, and high school which is the size of a large college campus though new albany is only about 5 square miles. other that the fact that if your not a million/billionaire (there are many billionaires) your not highly ranked new albany is a nice place to live

Jill: want to go shopping at easton?
Jane: yeah let me get my dads platinum viisa
Jill: you dont have your own?!
Jane: nope
Jill: jane.. i dont think we can be friends anymore,, im going to the new albany country club
by that one NA girl June 13, 2006

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