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A gentle knock on a friend who for some reason or another has pissed you off a bit.
Nicked from a line in Arnie's seminial action-fest Commando
Friend "Hey man, I got that record you been looking for for years and I'm also paid more than you now"
You "You fucking Whore"
by That guy. January 26, 2005
A distant relative to Rurouni Kenshin, this man puts the "probe" into homoprobe and "fag" into homofag. Said to be more flaming than the A&M Bonfire, he populates the IGN Boards and spreads his homoprobic propaganda.
CrookedCross lieks menn.
by That guy. February 25, 2003
For men: who can ejaculate and continue to stay erect.
They had Sex, he pulled out. he was 'not sensitive' -He was still hard and ready. all was good and they kept on going.
by that guy. October 31, 2013
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