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3 definitions by that bitch stole my cookies!

This term is used to call someone a hoe. This term is also used to confuse someone when you call them a hoe so they don't realize you insulted them.
you: ..wait, what?!
by that bitch stole my cookies! October 07, 2009
The most hardcore nonexistent drug that you can ask posers if they have tried it before and they will always respond with a yes.
Carly: So, have you had krackojazz pills before? I mean, its hard to get but you guys seem like you've been around the block before, am I right?
Katie: OMG YES i luv krackojazz pillz!
by that bitch stole my cookies! September 27, 2010
verb: Refusing to eat broccoli on a Sunday morning.

(Often heard by Regina Spektor in a song called "Eet")
Jane's mom yelled at her daughter who was eeting right before they left for church that morning.
by that bitch stole my cookies! August 27, 2010