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The beautiful daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Renesmee is half vampire and half human. She is the most beautiful baby that was ever born and is unique in every way possible. Renesmee though just bron begins to grow at an alrming rate. At 3 weeks old you wouldd think she was one year old. Renesmee has the power to show people or vampires her thoughts. All she needs to do is lay a part of her body on yours and you could see what she is thinking. Renesmee is deeply loved by her parents, family, and any person she comes in contact with. Renesmee's destined soul mate is werewolf Jacob Black. Renesmee takes after her mom in many ways, but the onbe characteristic that stands out is that she brings trouble with her whereever she goes. Renesmee brings the conflict that she has been spotted by Irina and thought to be a vampire child(which is illegal in vampire world)and this brings many problem to the cullens. She is also nicknamed nessie. All in all renesmee is an adorable half vampire half humasn baby with a kick-ass family.
Vampire 1: Wow what a cute baby.

Vampire 2: Yeah her name is Renesmee.

Vampire 1: Wow beautiful baby "Renesmee "
by that's the way i do April 28, 2009

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