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A high school in Lemont where 90 percent of the school is rich, spoiled, white kids. Then these kids try to act hood by smoking mass amounts of weed so they can try to validate there popularity. They are smug douches who dont do shit because they know that their parents can afford to pay for any college they want to go to. They have 30,000 dollar cars to drive 2 miles a day, going to school and back. The other 10 percent are the kids who supply all the drugs to the others and commit the pettiest of crimes such as burglary and theft. The girls are steadily becoming bigger whores as the pregnancy rate is increasing. This place is fucked up and its getting worse.
"Hey bro where'd you go for high school"
"Lemont High School"
"I'm sorry to hear that"
by thasnaaaaaaaasty September 23, 2012

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