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A word that describes a certain type of ultra-conservative white person who lives in a small rural or suburban towns in middle America. This term is exclusively used by white people to describe their perfect vision of what they believe embodies a true American person. Whites fail to realize just how racist the term "All American" is. If only white people from middle America can be "All American", that must mean that all the blacks, latinos, asians, native americans and mixed people can never fully be regarded as Americans by the oppressive white society. Think about it, if you are born black in this country, white people will call you "African American". But the majority of black people born in here in America have never been to Africa and will never go there in their entire lifetime. Its really fucking racist.

Young people who are described as "All American" often come from good middle and upper class families. The boys are often macho football playing jocks who guzzle tons of nasty domestic beer constantly. The girls tend to be stuck-up cheerleader types who wear Abercrombie & Fitch. "All American" boys are notorious for raunchy drunken behavior. For example, in 2006, the entire Duke Lacrosse team was accused of raping a black female stripper. But all the drunken frat white boys in this country always get away with murder, because afterall, they are America's sons. Many of these over privelleged drunken white boys have jobs on Wall Street waiting for them after graduation from college. "All American" people always live in predominantly white neighborhoods and towns. These types of people are extremely sheltered from any type of culture related to minority groups or urban environments. Because of this, "All American" people are inherently racist and prejudice towards any type of minority person who isn't desperately trying to be white.
1. Middle Age White Man: "Britney Spears used to be such an all american role model for little girls."

2. Black Dude: "Yo you look mixed or something. Aiyyo, what nationality are you, son?"

Mixed Dude: "Nationality? Isn't it obvious? I'm a fitted baseball hat with matching jordans wearing, hamburger eating motherfucker who speaks bad english.I'm American. I was fucking born and raised here in the states. The only time I've ever left the country is when my family took a daytrip to Windsor, Canada across from Detroit for a few hours way back in 1994. Why the fuck can't I say I'm American? And why can't you?
by thagoldenchild May 09, 2008

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Columbia is a small city located in the suburbs of Baltimore in Howard County in Maryland. Columbia is also about thirty miles away from Washington, DC. Columbia, itself, is not actually classified as a city or town. Columbia is one of the only planned communities in America. Columbia was the brainchild of Jim Rouse, an urban developer who pioneered the concept of the shopping mall. Columbia was established in 1967. Columbia was rated as the fourth best place to live in America by Money Magazine.

Columbia is one of the richest places in the nation. According to the Washington Post, the median income for a Columbia resident is over $90,000 a year. Thats right, this place is richer than fucking Beverly Hills. Columbia is overpopulated with rich old white people and kids under the age of 21. Everything in the town closes a 9 PM or earlier. Columbia is a ghost town most of the time. Regular middle class folk like police officers and teachers can't afford to live in Columbia. Spoonfed preppy rich kids tool around in Benzes, Hummers and Beemers with an undeserved sense of superiority over the rest of mankind. People live in multimillion dollar mansions that look like they belong on MTV Cribs. Lacrosse is the unofficial sport of Columbia.

Columbia is divided into several different villages: Harper's Choice, Wilde Lake, King's Contrivance, Oakland Mills, Owen Brown and River Hill. Harper's Choice and Wilde Lake are almost synonomous. These two adjacent neighborhoods are probably the most down-to-earth villages in Columbia. Thats because most people who live in Harper's Choice and Wilde Lake are plain middle class. Not everyone is rich or middle class in these two neighborhoods; a good percentage of the population lives below the poverty line. These two neighborhoods are home to some of Columbia's only public housing developments. Fall River Terrace, Rideout Heath, Rosyln Rise, Waverly Winds and the Harper House are the projects of Columbia. These developments are a slice of the ghetto in Columbia.

Columbia has a large middle class black population. In fact, over 20% of the town's population is black. A little under half of all the black people who live in Columbia are concetrated in Harper's Choice and Wilde Lake. Owen Brown is home to an ever-growing Central-American immigrant population. Most of these people are recent immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. They usually drive old beat up Honda Civics from the 80s and 90s. They are the only people in Columbia who don't drive insanely expensive european luxury cars. Constant influx of Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants have brought gang activity to Columbia in recent years. MS-13 and Vatos Locos have a visible presence in the town. This is because Maryland has some of the highest incidences of MS-13 gang activity in the nation. If you're a young person, it would not be wise to wear certain color bandanas in public unless you want to get beat the fuck up or cut up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

The village of River Hill is technically located in Clarksville. River Hill is the richest and waspiest village in Columbia. River Hill is like a white segregated town from the 50s. You will stick out like a sore thumb if you're not rich and straight up white. The cul de sacs of River Hill are lined with perfect million dollar residences with hundred thousand dollar cars parked in the driveways. Not a blade of grass is out of place. The only minorities you will see in River Hill are the Mexicans who cut the grass and maybe a black mailman. Many deer-hunting, Conferderate flag waving wannabe rednecks also live in River Hill.

There is nothing to do in Columbia except to go to the Columbia mall and spend money. Most of the stores in the mall are generic whitewashed clothing stores like Hollister Co. and A&E. Everyone in Columbia wears these shitty cookie-cutter clothing brands.

White boys in Columbia have a distinct goofy ass style. They usually grow their hair out over their ears like Ashton Kutcher. Traditionally, these kids would wear Abercrombie and other generic middle american mall fashions. But recently, with the over-commercialization of Hip Hop culture, these crackers have finally decided to start wearing black kid clothing staples like Air Jordans, Air Force Ones and New Era fitted caps. Simultaneously, Black kids have started wearing clothing associated with skateboarding culture, which was once entirely dominated by whites. I'm sorry, everyone is a poser in Columbia.
Columbia will never be a cool place to live
by thagoldenchild August 02, 2007

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A single female who has the sole responsibility of caring and providing for her own child(ren). Single mothers are often demonized as being promiscious welfare queens that inhabit inner-city public housing projects. However, not all single mothers are whores who collect welfare checks and food stamps. Many single mothers are merely victims of unlucky circumstances. A single bad decision like sleeping with a crazy penniless bum or a heartless womanizer can change a woman's life forever. Alot of single mothers had children by dead-beat fathers who were unable to help provide for their children. As a result, many single mothers are forced to work 40+ hours a week to provide for their children. Many children who grow up without fathers are more likely to look in the wrong places for father figures. Fatherless boys often turn to the streets, usually in the form of gang affiliation, to compensate for that lack of fatherly love and guidance.

Over 31% of all American children are born to single mothers. This occurs for many different reasons. For many men, all relationships with women are about sexual conquest with little responsibility in mind. In addition, popular culture teaches kids poor values about sex and relationships. Mediated images teach young boys that women are sex objects. In the media, women are portrayed as disposable material commodities that are used solely for sexual gratification purposes. This is most evident in glossy modern-day rap music videos. Raunchy mainstream Rap, R&B and Pop music also encourage kids to become sexual active at earlier ages than normal.

Nearly half of all black children in America are born into a family led by a single mother. This is caused in part by the legacy of slavery in America when black families were broken apart at the auction block. Traditional nuclear family structure was non-existant for the enslaved black people. It was completely normal for a black male slave to impregnate a black female and keep it moving. Sadly, this destructive tradition has been past down through the generations to present day, much like unhealthy Soul Food.
White Guy: "Look at Shaniqua over there with her kid Lil' Shaquan. What a slut, she must've had that kid when she was fourteen. Look at how her kid is dressed, he's only five years old and he's dressed like a thug wearing baggy clothes and a doo-rag and shit. They definately live in the projects. What are they doing in the mall in MY neighborhood?

Me: "Shut the fuck up you pasty motherfucker! Just be glad you came out of an ugly rich white lady's pussy and not a poor single mother's!"
by thagoldenchild September 02, 2007

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