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2 definitions by tha_diva

1: one that takes care of oneself and is looking top notch and damn fine!

2: a guy who always has the right words to say and the right things to do. someone smooth (playa)
(pantene originating from pantene pro-v)<<its made to make ur hair look good, smooth and sleek.
1: Rosie, you see that guy over there with the cornrows and the baggy pants? I want to know his name-this guy is pantene!

2: dont listen to everything this man says, cuz that playa is pantene
by tha_diva May 11, 2003
6 12
um-- that couldnt happen to be lil nico. cud it.. renico goin to class? haha no. lil_wyse_1

by tha_diva May 11, 2003
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