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the original father of this gangsta shit

" i used to be lyrical, political...but now you want it sugar coated like cereal " - ice cube
by tha truth teller July 21, 2006
the best kind of hydro avaliable, you can feel the 'pleaseant' effects for hours on end
rollin up the Cush, put it in tha eah, throw up tha DUB let em know we in hea!!
by tha truth teller July 14, 2006
main character of what is like.....the best video game ever made, gears of war

he has a tough attitude and has good leadership qualities. he also has some sick sideburns.

his partners are Baird,Cole and Dom
marcus fenix laughs at kratos from god of war
by tha truth teller March 27, 2007
the newest phone from Motorola,avaliable in Black,Pink and Silver,phone looks tight and its very thin,but its buttons have to be pressed way too hard,other than that,its a bomb azz phone
i got me my new black RAZR.....along with 6 million other people in the US
by tha truth teller March 12, 2006
a West-Coast artist who has been making music since the late 1980's for Tommy Boy Records.

people say that Coolio is a one hit wonder with his chart topping song "gangstas paridise" but that is not true...Coolio has many great songs such as "Geto Hilites" "Sumpin New" "Too Hot" "Fucc Coolio" and "Exercise Yo Game" so his album "Gangsta Paradise" is considered a classic by those who heard songs other than just gangstas paradise
Coolio is a lyrically talented yet under-rated MC
by tha truth teller May 23, 2006
a day in May when you MUST give a gift to YOUR mother and EVERY mother in your family......if not theyll treat you like shit and call you selfish,no matter how much you REALLY love them.......

a day when people show how materialistic they really are,a day when people get mad at you over a damned gift
i got paid $300 dollars at work and couldve bought a jersey and some shoes....but i ended up buying socks,earrings,cologne and a whole mess of other shit that my people wont use anyways......darned mother's day

if you dont they will be mad at you....regardless of how much you love and think about them
by tha truth teller May 09, 2006
an NBA team in oakland with a solid line-up of Baron Davis,Jason Richardson,and Adonal Foyle,and Troy Murphy
warriors will make the play-offs in 06-07 season
by tha truth teller April 29, 2005

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