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Rules that ALL MEN must abide by!If you dont,well then your not a man(your just a pansey,a pretty boy,a hoe,and a selfabuser).When they are laid down by ONE MAN then agree to by MANY,it is then said to be LAW.The law is what you make of it.Study them hard and any problem can be easily sovled in a HEDERO fashon.Law can't be subject to change unless absulote need of change.Let this document be the fondation for all the laws you make(or The MLF).TO MEN!TO FOOD!TO WOMEN!TO BEER(beer being last makes it most important)!MAN LAW!
*No Blocking(if your friends already with that girl you spit game to on the regular,STOP TALKING TO HER)
*Share With Your Fellow Man(sluty women,six pack of beer,cigs,what you make of it)
*When At The Urinal Stare Directly Ahead(no wandering eyes cause thats just wrong)
*When Slaping Women On The Ass Be Careful(to hard,they slap back,to soft,what was the point,open palm with a slight grip at contact,you get a smile from her)
*No Watching Porn With Your Freinds(because it always leads to a odd conversation at one point or another)
*No Abusing Beer(just don't)
*When Everyone Leaves Out To Go Bar Hoping Everyone Has To Pitch In $3.50 To The Desanated Driver(unless your on a shutle bus)
by tha goods October 24, 2006
some dumb,crazy,or has a poor dispasition,the type of person who would say something out the blue,a bonafide dumb son of a gun
we talken about football,and this loony toon starts shouting the alphabet!
by tha goods September 04, 2006
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