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A shortened word for a desert eagle (a gun)
"Yo, you better reach for that holster and pull out the dezzie."
by Tha 1ne July 05, 2005
an expression used for sex; a phrase used by a male to tell a female to have sex with him.

Note: Only dudez that's packing can use this phrase.
"Well baby, since we haven't hit it off in a week, we can hit tha crib and you can put tha booty on tha magnum."
by Tha 1ne July 15, 2005
What you recieve for saying something stupid. Originally people say point but toint can be used instead. Said with much exaggeration or emphasis when something very dumb is said.
"So you ain't gonna go to that party tonite?"


"If you go you ain't gonna pull no chicks!"

by Tha 1ne July 16, 2005
to get f*cked up: beat up, shot up, or anything very harmful to someone.
Person 1: Did you hear about that one dude yesterday?

Person 2: Nah man, what happened?

Person 1: Man that n*gga got his sh*t SWEPT!
by Tha 1ne June 01, 2005
Used for something that is/looks horrible or very bad.
"Man, them shoez iz sewage!"

"Yo, I fucked her Saturday and tha pussy was sewage."
by Tha 1ne July 16, 2005
To perform oral sex; to suck dick
"Yo dawg, if you hit that she'll dive for dick cause she sucked me up when I tagged her."
by Tha 1ne July 16, 2005
-pronounced "bobs"-

Bottom Of The Bin fries best known as some FUCKED UP fries.
(Getting home from McDonald's)

"Man them muthafuckas gave me some B.O.B.'s!"
by Tha 1ne May 04, 2006

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