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A mustard man from New Jersey!
A man who like mustard to much!
"ooh you dirty Mucko"
by tH March 30, 2005
a boy who is a player who all the girls want, he's sexy and fit and kind and a great kisser. he's a good boyfriend but a complete dickhead
girl one: omg look over there..

girl two: wow he's such a max
girl three: thats my boyfrind!
girl one and two: LUCKY!
by Th March 12, 2012
A sweet OHL hockey team, based in Saginaw, MI. Not all that great yet, but theyre still new, so in the future theyll kick ass for sure. We love you guys!!
Hard hitting, kick ass team.
by TH April 15, 2005
the stupid kids at oakridge mall in san jose, ca that hang around and pose as ghetto freaks.

often seen wearing clothes that are too big for their size. also known to ask people for money or cigarettes.
damn mallrats keep asking me for cigarettes.
by th February 22, 2005
When the dick gets stuck in the dynamic pussy lips.
Damn bitch, my shit is kludged!
by th December 08, 2004

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