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An easily identifiable and handy scapegoat for all the world's problems. Although strangely, they ARE responsible for an astounding 95% of the world's problems, so go figure.
See: parasites
1. Damn Jews stole my coupons
2. Stop acting like a Jew and give me that money you owe me
3. Gentile: "Jews sunk the Titanic"
Semite: "What? The Titanic struck an iceberg you fool!"
Gentile: "Greenberg, Goldberg, Iceberg, you Jews are all the same to me"
by TGR In The Cage October 01, 2009
Someone who is mild-mannered and respectable during the day, but turns into a perverted creep at nights.
"Shit mate, that guy was a real Coneybeer"
"Don't leave him with your sister, he's likely to pull a Coneybeer"
Michael: "Did you see that guy outside the kindergarten?"
Nic: "Looks like a bloody Coneybeer to me"
by TGR In The Cage September 30, 2009
When you are having sex with your girlfriend and all of a sudden your cock flies out of her vagina/arse and you thrust it painfully into her thigh/butt cheek
1. She was riding me hard and then all of a sudden I was doubled-over in pain due to random fall-out
2. Don't fuck that guy, all you get is random fall-out
3. Nic: "Let's have some freaky sex"
Justine: "As long as you can control the random fall-out"
by TGR In The Cage October 01, 2009
Operating under the clever facade of a resposible host, or caring friend, a Butchart is someone who's very reason for living is to film people utilising ablution facilities.
1. That party would have been amazing if it hadn't have been for that Butchart hanging around the girls toilets all night
2. Lights, Camera, Toilet, Action, Butchart!
3. Wade: "Did you see Scott's new girlfriend? She's hot!"
Nic: "I can probably get a camera, let's Butchart her"
by TGR In The Cage May 17, 2010
A town, city or sprawling metropolis where the inhabitants happen to be mostly black. Crime, poverty and incest run rampant.
1. Shit, stay the fuck out of Chicago, that's a brown-town!
2. The MTV music awards just cater for brown-town these days
3. Groom: "I was thinking Wanganui, New Zealand for our honeymoon my love?"
Wife: "I want a divorce! That's brown-town!"
by TGR In The Cage October 01, 2009
Like gossip, except more extreme. Actually an acronym for Girls And Sexy Students In Particular, this word covers a wide variety of secrets, gossip and did-you-hear's.
1. I heard some awesome gassip about the disabled girl and Mr Dreissen the science teacher!
2. Honest Hour and gassip are one and the same
3. Wade: "What's shaking cat-cancer?"
Nic: "I got some sweet gassip for you, you better sit down"
by TGR In The Cage May 18, 2010
A Savage Pack Attack is a violent beating meted out by drunken, handsome men. Whilst this sounds aggressive and possibly highly illegal, a Savage Pack Attack or S.P.A, is only used for self-defense.
1. J.D really bit of more than he could chew when the Savage Pack Attack turned up
2. Bottling or no bottling, that Savage Pack Attack really made my night
3. Tupps: "Did you see the way that KID looked at me?"
Horrocks: "I sure did. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
by TGR In The Cage May 17, 2010

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