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(n) a one time occurence. An ad-hoc exception to rule. Corporate jargon meaning that you'll do it once and not repeat.
Let's just treat this as a one-off and make sure it doesn't happen again.
by tg28 November 08, 2006
(n) a vehicle used for travel above ground.

(v) the act of a woman jerking two men off while being penetrated from behind.
I took an airplane to Des Moines today.

I thought she was my girlfriend until I walked into my condo and saw her airplaning three guys....
by tg28 November 05, 2006
The act of inserting three fingers into a vagina, your pinky into the anus and your thumb pointing up (shark fin ergo sharking). This maneuver is only official if the subject hums the Jaws theme. duh...duh...duh..duh.duh.duh
I was sharking Gen until I caught a dingleberry on my pinkie.
by TG28 November 01, 2006

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